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Did you know that you can bid to get a used trade show booth for the price that you want?

Lucky Exhibits the leader in the used trade show booth market has introduced a new USED EXHIBIT AUTIONS feature to their website on brand new booths.

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Have you ever gone to a trade show or any event and seen a spectacular exhibit or display from one of your competitors? Did you ever wonder how could they afford such an awesome trade show booth? How did they get their brand to look so good? How did they manage to raise enough funds to get such an amazing exhibit?

used tradeshow boothThat answer might not be what you thought it was. They might not have spent more money, or more time. They may not have put more thought and planning in the event than you did. They may have just done it smarter, and they may have just had a more experienced team.

Some booths cost over $200,000 more than a house in some parts of the country. Few companies can afford that in today’s economy. Used trade show booths have been the answer for the last few years. With a used trade show booth you can get all the bang for less than half of the bucks. I know that booth you saw might have not looked used, but it may have been. With an experienced team of trade show experts, new graphics and a fresh facelift an old booth can be hard to tell from a brand new one.

A used trade show booth re-branded with your graphics not only will look like a new booth, it will look like a new booth custom designed for you. Like all marketing it is not just about the money, it is about how you spend the money.

 rent a tradeshow boothNot only can you save 50% to 80% off of the cost of a new trade show booth by buying used there is a way you can do it even cheaper. Lucky Exhibits one of the most respected names in the trade show industry now is offering a unique rent a display program. If you are only planning on attending one event or trade show this season renting a quality booth may be the low-cost answer you have been looking for. Not only are your upfront costs lower, you also don’t have the burdens of ownership. You don’t have to figure out how to move the booth, store it or set it up. They take care of everything.

The booth can be re-branded with your graphics so not only does it look like new, it looks like it was built just for you. You’re not only renting a display you’re renting a team of Tradeshow experts who will make sure your product or company is the talk of your next show.

Lucky Exhibits has the biggest inventory of used trade show booths and used exhibit displays. You can save thousands of dollars on your next show.

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